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Fine Dining at Lake Clark Lodge

Nestled on the shores of Lake Clark National Park, Lake Clark Lodge  transcends your ordinary wants and needs, offering a fine dining experience that elevates the essence of culinary artistry. From appetizers to desserts, and complemented by a carefully curated wine selection, two bars, every moment at our lodge is a celebration of taste with a splash of Alaskan luxury.

The perfect beef tenderloin and dinner etiquette

Appetizers: A Prelude to Perfection

The culinary journey begins on our 360 degree deck overlooking the Chigmit mountains with an enticing array of appetizers, crafted to tantalize your taste buds. From Alaskan king crab cakes to smoked salmon bruschetta, each bite is a symphony of flavors that sets the tone for an exceptional dining experience. Our chefs masterfully blend local ingredients with global inspirations, creating a fusion that puts a cherry on top of a perfect day.

Appetizers On The Deck
Our chef prepping seven plates of appetizers
Fried dough and fruit for breakfast appetizers

Salad: An Eclectic Mix

Transitioning seamlessly into the salad course, our offerings reflect a commitment to freshness and quality. Enjoy vibrant salads featuring some locally sourced produce, such as crisp greens paired with wild blueberries, providing a burst of color and flavor. The salad Course at Lake Clark Lodge is a testament to our dedication of creating dishes that no only nourish but also delight the senses.

Cesar Salad with locally grown tomatoes and hand made croutons
Spinach and kale salad with balsamic reduction glaze
Broccoli, carrots and the perfect mixed vegetable dish

Wine: A Toast to Elegance

As the evening unfolds, our extensive wine selection takes center stage, offering a perfect pairing for every dish. From robust reds to crisp whites, our cellar showcases a carefully curated collection that complements the diverse flavors of our local cuisine. The knowledgeable staff at our lodge is ready to guide you through our wine list but feel free to always bring your own.

Aged Merlot from Argentina
A diverse white and red wine selection
Imported vermouth and bitters
Dinner: More Than You Want, Everything You Need

Some of the salmon we eat will literally swim from the tidal estuary of Bristol Bay to the front of our dock before ending up on your dinner plate. Dinner at Lake Clark Lodge is like a culinary journey through the Alaskan landscape. Whether it’s halibut caught from the nearby waters, perfectly grilled steak, or vegetarian options that showcase the richness of Alaskan produce, you won’t be disappointed. Our chefs draw inspiration from the natural bounty surrounding the lodge, creating dishes that reflect both innovation and tradition.

Lamb Shanks perfectly skewered
Fresh Locally Caught Sockeye Salmon
Local Scallops Harvested near Anchorage
Dessert: Sweet Endings

No fine dining experience is complete without a decadent dessert to satiate the sweet tooth. Our dessert menu features creations that are visually stunning as they are delicious. From blueberry cheesecake to Alaskan chocolate moose, each dessert is a masterpiece, providing a sweet conclusion to your evening.

Dessert on the Deck
Cheesecake and wild locally picked blueberries
Brownie with powdered sugar
Two Bars: Libations in a Lakeside Setting

Enhancing the dining experience are our two bars, where expert mixologists craft signature cocktails inspired by true Alaskan legends. Sip on a Lake Clark Mule while enjoying the sunset, or indulge in a martini as you unwind by the largest fireplace in the state of Alaska. The bars at Lake Clark Lodge are not just watering holes; they are extensions of the lodge’s commitment to sophistication and relaxation. 

In every element of our fine dining experience, Lake Clark Lodge reflects a dedication to culinary excellence to match the remarkable setting of Lake Clark National Park. Whether you are savoring an appetizer, raising a toast with a glass of wine, relishing a gourmet dinner, or indulging in a sweet finale, each moment at our lodge is a celebration of Alaskan Luxury.

Lake Clark Lodge Bar
Lake Clark Lodge overlooking the Chigmit Mountains
Lake Clark Lodge Outdoor Fireplace