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Flightseeing Alaska's National Parks

While Lake Clark and Katmai National Parks are widely recognized, they remain relatively undiscovered. To provide some perspective, Yellowstone National park welcomes nearly 3 million visitors annually, while Katmai and Lake Clark together see around 50,000 visitors each year.  In essence, 99% of the combined 8 million acres of land spanning both parks remain unsettled, unexplored, and untouched. 

High Mountain Lake Katmai
Floatplane on Lake Clark
Flight Seeing in Lake Clark Park

The Sky Isn't The Limit, It's Just the Beginning 

It's quite remarkable to think about the fact that when you hop in an bush plane, you might be a hundred miles away from civilization. Which is why embarking on a flightseeing adventure in Alaska’s National Parks, specifically Lake Clark and Katmai, is a breathtaking journey that everyone should experience once in their lifetime. It unveils an insane landscape that looks just like every Alaskan documentary you’ve ever seen, but better. From the vantage point of our planes, passengers soar above glaciers, circle around active volcanoes, watch waterfalls plunge thousands of feet straight into the ocean, and even get to pinpoint brown bears from a distance.  

Lake Clark Lodge serves as your home base. Offering flightseeing tours that showcase the natural diversity of the landscape and rich history that comes along with it. As your plane traverses different passes there are a variety of options that provide you a front row seat to panoramic views you simply can't see if you stay on the ground. Whether ascending to 6,000ft to spot Dall sheep or flying at lower altitude to witness the spectacle of countless sockeye salmon streaming upriver, our experienced pilots will ensure your safety. 

Your Journey 

Before you even get to the lodge you will need to fly through Lake Clark Pass. As long as the weather is clear, you will fly low and see dozens of glaciers and U-shaped valleys. Civilization starts to fade from your conciousness and all of a sudden your grasp on reality starts to change. Even though you might use your phone to take some photo's, you will very quickly rejuvenate from the benefits of unplugging. From takeoff to landing, the flightseeing adventure etches an unforgettable chapter in your exploration of the Alaska trip you've always dreamed of. 

Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes Sight Seeing
Glacier Valleys in Lake Clark Pass
High Mountain Lake Katmai

Custom Itineraries: Bears, Wildlife & More 

If you're truly dedicated to wildlife viewing when you come to our lodge, consider multiple fly out trips and a custom itinerary. Depending on your interests it's possible to see multiple brown bears, moose, wolves, seals, whales, sea otters, and moose. Feel free to give us a call to explore your options. 

Lodge Accomodations
Lake Clark Lodge Viewings

Lake Clark Lodge is a classic North American Lodge with a hallmark “great room”, fireplace and large windows. The lodge is surrounded by a large deck for guests to look out on the lake and mountain setting surrounding Keyes Point.

Getting to Lake Clark

Lake Clark is a 1 hour flight from Anchorage, Homer or Kenai. Most visitors fly into the park headquarters in Port Alsworth. Visitors at Lake Clark Lodge will be flown directly to and from their designated location to our private landing strip on Keyes Point. You won't have to worry about coordinating your flight. We provide air taxi service to and from Anchorage or your designated airport. 

Local Weather

The weather in Lake Clark National park can be quite dynamic. Around summer solstice, the sun sets approximately at 11:30 PM and rises again around 4:30 AM, providing just over 5 hours of daylight. The brevity in daylight hours contributes to swift seasonal changes, influencing the weather accordingly. In general the temperature ranges from the mid 40's to the upper 60's through our 4 month season. To ensure you are well-prepared for a variety of weather conditiions that may arise, we recommend consulting our Trip Checklist